How to use Taily Revive

Taily Revive

Revive medicine


Goods information

  • Use for revive the death pet.    


  • Place the medicine next to the selected pet (not farther than 1 meter).

  • The medicine box will show the name of the right pet. Then click on the box to start the usage.

  • The pet will be revived.



How to use Taily Lost

Taily Lost

Tools for building a lost pet.


Goods details

  • Use to create a lost dog.

  • Pets must be missing at least 3 days and then use it.


  • Click Taily Lost.

  • Enter ID your lost dog and wait.

  • Will create a lost dog.

  • Size may reduce to a little.

  • Point in the pet will be lost.

How to use Taily Exchanges

Taily Exchanges

  • Sign for exchange point to reward
  • *Use this sign off Taily HUD*
  • Sign will limit the point.
  • For the sign’s owner.
  • The picture on the sign can be set. 
  • The points can be set for the exchange. 
  • The remaining points on the sign can be checked. 
  • Points will be kept on the sign after the exchange.
  • Points can be redeemed to HUD.

For the redeemer

  • Points can be exchanged to the rewards on the sign.


  • Use the sign by stay around the area within 3 meters.
  • User needs “Taily HUD” for using.
  • For the sign’s owner.
  • Instruction for using sign.
  • The sign will be functioned only after setting an “Object” and its price on the sign.
  • Place the selected “Object” into “Inventory” of the sign. Then the sign will show all the list.
  • Set the price by clicking on “Price” and specify an amount of the points for exchange. 
  • The sign can be closed by set the price to be “0” or take the “object” out from the inventory.
  • Can add “Texture” in “inventory” of the sign for changing the product on the sign.

Other buttons

  • “Detail” button use for seeing all information on the sign such as, how many points need for exchange each product, how many points remaining, etc….
  • “Keep” button, use for redeem the points from the sign to HUD.
  • “Exchange” button, use for testing the exchange. 
  • “Cancel” button, use for cancel.

For redeemer

  • If the sign show “OFF”, that means the sign still not functioned yet. 
  • If the sign is already functioned, the sign will inform the points for exchange. 
  • Click “Exchange” on the sign when wish to exchange.
  • Confirm the exchange by clicking at “Confirm” in Taily HUD.
  • Once HUD has been confirm, the point in HUD will be reduced. 
  • Click “Keep” to receive the product.
How to use Taily Update

Taily Update

Pet Update Tool


Goods details

  • Use for updating your pet to a new version.

  • For pets that are lower than the current version.


  • Placed near the pet you want. not more than 2 m.

  • When Taily Update identifies the pet properly.

  • Click Taily Update choose “OK”  and wait.

  • Pets will update the version by moving to the new body.




Collars for Rfl 2017

This collar for the 2017 SL Christmas Expo.

1 Dec -10 Dec 2017
Most pets have one, and are transferable for gifting