Taily HUD

Hud Functions

Consisted of 3 tabs, with these menu options

Pet management options

Points management options
External Links options

Pet Management menu

When a pet is selected, this menu will show information and status of the particular pet. Along with these options

set Home

Command pet to stay in an area (Use the position of owner’s avatar as the reference point)

set Range

Set range from home the pet can walk around

no Move

Command pet to stay at a point (Can be used to prevent pet missing)


Free pet movement (Pet will walk around, but would not be exceeding the set Range option)


Command pet to bite a specific avatar


Command pet to follow an avatar


Change pet’s name


Teleport pet in front of owner’s avatar


Show details of the selected pet ( If not in Pet management tab the HUD will show the detail of HUD itself)

Cal all

Call multiple pets in 10m area


Birth pet from the basket (this option will be shown after selecting a basket)

Point Management menu

Use to manage points

Transfer Point

Transfer Points to other HUD users in range

Keep Point

Collect Point from pets

External Link menu

Manage passwords and connect to related sites

Reset Password

Use to reset password for logging in at Taily2Dog.com

Facebook Fanpage

Facebook Fanpage link

Market Place

Marketplae link


WebSite Taily2Dog.com