Taily How to pets


Meaning of symbols on pets

Gen 1 Not ready for breeding
Gen 2 ♡3 Ready to breed in 3 days
Gen 3 Ready to breed
Male ☻3 Pregnant, give birth in 3 days


Pet status and their behavior


It is growing up to the maximum size.


Success after the breeding. Can be noticed from ☻ symbol

Pet’s size will be remained until the pet’s status turns to be healthy


Hungry, the hunger lever is over 80%

Symptoms displayed: tail between legs, sleep more than usual, Eat only 50%, not able to order to follow or bite

If pregnant, will miscarry ( re-breeding needed)

Medicine can be used


Can see all details only with HUD

Or use elixir of life



“Hunger” shows the hunger level of the pets

Hunger : 0 % = Full

Hunger : 90 % = Very hungry

Pet will eat 3% from its weight per day

Ex. Pet with 20 size will eat 0.6 Kg per day

The pet will eat when Hunger level reaches 0% and will start to eat again when the Hunger level turns to 10%

Hunger level will be effected to your pet status when:

- Hunger level remains 0% : pet will alive for 2 days (approximately)

- Hunger level more than 80% : pet will be sick

- Hunger level reaches 100% : pet will be died

>>The amount of food that pets eat each day Click <<

How to feed

Place food in the home area of the pet : set Home

And will remain in the defined area : set Range

( Place the food out from the defined area will not allow the pet to get the food )

When food was placed in the right place, set “Free” to allow the pet to have free walk

If pets are hungry, they will go to the food themselves

If the pet was set to “No movement”, the food will need to be placed next to the pet (not further than 0.5 meter)

This allows pets to eat at the spot

Food needs to be place higher or lower than the pet’s height at least 1 meter

Body size

At birth will be 18 inches height

The pets will grow up every day when they remain in healthy status

In sick or pregnant stage, the size will be remain.

The maximum size is 41 inches


Breeding symbols

♥ Ready to be breed

♡ Not ready to be breed

♡3 Ready to be breed in 3 days

How to match the pets for breeding

Place ready to be breed male and female pets together in defined area (not farther that 2 meters)

Pet will be breed within 24 hours.

Breeding time

The first breeding for pet when they turn to 29 size ( or 7 days if they have never been sick)

After the breeding, male pet will have to wait 3 days to get ready for the next breeding

The pregnancy takes 3 days for the female pet. After giving birth they will have to wait 3 days to be ready for the next breeding

There will be ☻3 symbol at the female pet for counting down the giving birth day

If the pets are ready to be breed but there is no matching, the status of each pet will be remain

Gen of the puppies will be count following the female pet

Birth rate

Male pet 70% chance and female 30% chance

Puppies will have color following their parents but there is 10% chance of mutations


Pets will earn point themselves everyday if they are in good condition

HUD can be used for collecting point from pets everyday

In case points were not collected, they will be remain in pets (maximum 1000 points)

10% of the points from other’s pets can be stolen

90% of the points will remain for the owner of the pet

Number of points can be received

Pet will earn 10 points per day

A pregnant female pet will earn 50 points

Points can be transferred to other HUD user


When pets turn to 100 days old

-Unable to breed

-Unable to earn point


Taily’s pet has 3 generations

There will be ❶ ❷ ❸ symbol on each pet

The ❸ won’t be able to breed