How to use Collar Creator

Collar Creator

Goods information:

       * Don't foget it setting permission !!!***


  1. Download and install the template into your computer. Customize the provided template.
  2. Upload your customized template from computer to SL will earn 10 Lin/each. Place the dog collar creator tool on the floor.
  3. Choose your customized template you wish to place into the dog collar creator tool in inventory. Right click at the desired template and choose “COPY UUID TEXTURE”
  4. Click paintbrush symbol and fill in “UUID” as a password, then click “sent” 
  5. Your desired pattern will be appeared on the dog collar. Click “YES” to confirm.
  6. Click at paintbrush again and select REZ for creating the original collar.
  7. Right click at the collar to set the permission.
  8. Place the collar next to the dog (within 0.5 meter) then click on the collar to set it on the  dog, sale or for gift.